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CMYK is proud to publish, on our Contests Page, work from the following emerging illustrators, designers, photographers, illustrators, art directors and copywriters who registered their work into CMYK's Top New Creatives Art School Portfolio Showcase.


(starting upper/left)

*CONTESTS CREDITS IMAGE>"Untitled"/Hillary Sander, photographer//Jim Wood, instructor//Academy of Art University, San Francisco//published in CMYK 57 this winter


NEW PHOTOGRAPHERS COMPETITION>"Barren Horizon"//Bryce Owen Gaspard, photographer//Jeff Rich, instructor//SCAD// in CMYK 56 new this fall


NEW ILLUSTRATORS COMPETITION>“Hillary Clinton”//Lori Klopp, illustrator//John Thompson, instructor//Syracuse University//“From the editorial portrait series, I Have Something to Say, celebrating women who have achieved power in American politics …”// in CMYK 57 this winter


NEW DESIGNERS COMPETITION>Fight For Education Poster//Joseph Zuniga, designer//Keo Pierron, instructor//Texas State University - San Marcos//"Social awareness poster promoting human rights education." in CMYK 57 this winter


DIGITAL MEDIA COMPETITION>Down Home Press iPad App//Susannah Briggs, designer//Scott Laserow, instructor//Tyler School of Art, Temple University//“A fully coded and functional iPad app magazine focusing on the culture of the Appalachian South. All design elements are interactive.” 56


NEW ART & COPY COMPETITION>Bubba Burgers: Julie Soluri, art director//Cory Conrad, copywriter//Jen Mageau, instructor//Creative Circus//“Don't mess with 'em...cause they're that damn good.” & be published in CMYK 57 this fall




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